Argentinean Visitors

unnamed3Fit like?

We’ve come a long way…

We are a group of 18 pupils and 2 teachers from a school called Instituto Primo Capraro, from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina.

After a weekend in Aberdeen we took a train to your beautiful Huntly, where we were received with open arms. Three friendly girls kindly showed us around town on our arrival. The very first day we went to school we felt welcome – everybody showed interest in what we had to say, and that made us feel glad to be here.

While we enjoyed our time in Aberdeen, we were very much tourists; being in Huntly enabled us to see Scottish culture in action, and become involved in everyday life here.

One of the most interesting parts of our trip was seeing how different school life is, especially the large variety of subjects and extra curricular activities there are to choose from here, and the number of different projects the children get involved in. That was inspirational! The food is also great – we tried a lot of new things, which we loved!

We also love the Scottish accent – it’s different, and interesting to listen to.

Everybody was very kind and explained Scottish expressions to us, like ‘loon’, ‘wifie’, ‘fit like’, and ‘sound’.

This whole experience was very enriching and we really want to thank everyone for being such great hosts and making us feel so at home! It would be awesome to see some of you in Argentina, so that we can return some of your kindness.

POST AUTHOR: TGS Voice Online and the Argentinean visitors.


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