Oaks and amity project

Pupils who went on the 2014 France/Belgium trip have been invited by Deveron Arts to take part in the oaks and amity project. During the France/Belgium trip the pupils collected two stones each from the Lochnagar Crater in France. They were told to collect these stones so that they could be buried amongst the roots of the German oaks, near the school. On the 27th of March pupils walked to the Bin Forest in the morning to plant the stones and trees, to commemorate the lesser known history of World War 1 and the relative peace between the nations of Europe. The White Wood will symbolically unite three countries; oak trees that hail from Germany will be planted in British soil surrounded by imported French stone in the creation of a White Wood. There were also, silver Birch, foxglove and wild garlic planted among others.

In the morning the students and others who had gathered listened to a brief explanation of why they were planting the wood, where they got the idea and then a demonstration on how to plant the saplings and how to put the guards on to protect them from voles and roe deer which are very common in those parts. This was filmed buy the BBC, Then everyone split up, grabbed saplings, a shovel, a mallet and some guards and got to work planting.

One student gave their opinion on the trip.

It was a great experience and i really enjoyed meeting some of the people at Deveron Arts and it was fun to plant the trees. The history behind it was very interesting, it will be interesting to see the wood grow, however slowly it happens.

POST AUTHOR: TGS Voice Online.



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