The Lie Tree

The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge is based in the 19th century.  It is set in a small, isolated island called Vale.


14 year old Faith Sunderly’s family leaves Kent to go the isolated island of Vale to escape the ever growing scandal about her father. When devastation hits and her Father is found dead under strange conditions, Faith is determined to find out what happened to her Father. But being a girl, she is very restricted in this society. Yet she struts on, finding more about her Father, his cause of death and the scandal. And within her hunt about her Father, she finds a mysterious tree that her Father had kept a secret, the Lie Tree. The tree feeds off of lies and cannot live in sunlight; it lives in the darkness and dispenses a small fruit full of secrets once a lie has been spread. Faith takes joy in spreading lies around the island as she becomes closer and closer to solving the mystery behind her Fathers death.


This book was a brilliant read, I was hooked after reading the very first chapter. I would highly recommend this book to people of all ages.

By Samantha Gray


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