Getting to know Mr Cowie

How did it feel when you found out you were going to be Depute Rector at TGS?

Looking forward to going to a new school and working with Mr Gaiter again.


Are you enjoying it here?

I am thoroughly enjoying it! My first week here was the best I’ve ever experienced in a new school. TGS has a great sense of community.


What are your thoughts on our pupils?

They’ve made me feel very welcome. They talk to me in the corridor and in classes. They are very friendly. I would like to see tighter uniform though; it’s not bad but could be better.


Have you got any plans for changes at TGS?

I’d like to work together as a community to decide on the school vision and core values such as Honesty, Respect and Resilience. I’d like the school to become better at tracking individual success. My goal is to listen to pupils and parents and give them the changes they want.


How does it compare to experiences at other schools?

It’s a longer drive in but it’s a very pleasant place to work with a relaxed atmosphere.


We’ve heard your position here is temporary. Have you got plans to secure a permanent placement?

I have been fortunate to experience the role of being a Head Teacher and I would like a permanent post in future. In the meantime, I am here to do the very best for the staff and community of Huntly.

I’m not just here to sit out my time. Whenever you join a new school you have to earn the respect of pupils, parents and teachers. I look forward to doing that and supporting Mr Gaiter and the Senior Leadership Team.


Can you talk us through your average day?

I arrive at 7:45 and I try to be visible and welcoming. I am responsible for all SQA exams, the curriculum, creating timetables and developing the schools tracking and monitoring reports.

My goal each day is to see every pupil. That can be by visiting classes, being on duty at interval, lunchtime and the buses at the end of the day.

It’s important to find time to talk to people and not get bogged down with all the admin tasks. I enjoy best talking to young people about their learning.


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