Poems by Our P7s

Paintbox – Rachel

One day she came to me,
And said
Would you like to see my paintbox?


Could be
Sparkling blue water or
A small blue fish or
A blue whiteboard pen
Also a blue jacket


Could be
Snowmen chillin’ in the snow or
Snowflakes gliding down onto
The childrens noses or
The paper is white but not for long


Could be
Dense African leaves or
A slimy snails trail or
A small hopping frog jumping
from tree to tree


Could be
Blood coming out of someones nose or
A red pen with a fine point or
The bright, bright shirt of a man
Or the shiny outside of a new car.

My pear – Fergus

I only wanted a pear,
It’s not fair
There was a pear
Who stole my pear?

It’s not fair!

I went to get my pear
But they pulled my hair
Then I asked to share

It’s not fair!

I begged for my pear
They wouldn’t share
They wanted to crush my pear,
I said “you wouldn’t dare”

It’s not fair!

Then they crushed my pear
So I pulled their hair
I don’t care

Now it’s fair!

Kingfisher – Aiden

A graceful creature diving into the water,
It comes back out, fish between his beak.
Fish swim in terror as he dives down deep,
Swimming with the rivers currents picking up speed.
Waiting to feed on the oceans plants,
Ants on the shore hoping that they might have a chance,
That the creature won’t glance at them.

He has a bird’s eye view spying on the fish,
Fish hope that they won’t be his next dish.
The majestic creature thinking the fish look delicious,
This beast took a plunge into the dark water hiding schools of fish.



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