The Fight For Pot Noodles!

Once there were two children, Nigel and Louise, they both had extremely different personalities. Nigel liked spiders whereas Louise had lots of pets and a family. Nigel wasn’t as lucky. Nigel was red haired, very scruffy with bright green eyes and freckles. On the other hand, Louise had neat black hair and bright blue eyes. They looked nothing like each other. Louise was 13 and Nigel was 14. They both liked Star Wars and pot noodles…

One day Louise and Nigel went on their merry way to school. When they arrived, they spotted Malfoy (a very mean boy) then split into different directions (to their classes). Unfortunately, that morning Malfoy was in Louise’s English class. Now Malfoy had the golden pot noodles that Louise and Nigel had been wanting. Dumbledore, their headmaster, had created the golden pot noodles for a very special person but Malfoy stole them. Dumbledore had said that there will be serious consequences if anyone steals them. Even after that, Malfoy chose to disobey…

Meanwhile in Nigel’s class they were doing Topic. That term in Topic they were doing all about the world famous golden pot noodles. Luckily Nigel’s Topic class were nice unlike Louise’s. Nigel was top of his Topic class. Louise was in hers. Malfoy was bottom in all of his apart from science. After school that day Nigel and Louise went home and played with Cruikshank, Louise’s pet cat, and Anna, Nigel’s pet anaconda. Then Louise went home with Cruikshank.

The next day was Saturday, their big day. Today they were going to try and get the golden pot noodles from Malfoy. So, they went to meet with Dumbledore (their head teacher). Dumbledore had his pet Bobo the phoenix with him. Hopefully Dumbledore would help them instead of doing something else.

When they got to Malfoy’s house they silently crept across his shadowy garden towards his house. As soon as they got to his backdoor they picked the lock and crept into the gloomy hallway shivering. They hoped Malfoy and his parents were asleep. Fortunately, they were. Next they split in different directions to see if they could find them. Louise nearly squeaked with excitement as she rounded the corner and spied the golden pot noodles. So, she pressed her signal button and signalled for everyone to come to the attic. Soon they were all gathered around the fab pot noodles. Dumbledore was so ecstatic that he dabbed until Nigel calmed him down. Now the most difficult part of their mission had to come, getting out of there. That was when Louise discovered she had some strong robe with her. So, they tied it to the attic window, grabbed the pot noodles and climbed down.

The next morning Louise remembered about the pot noodles and the amazing adventure. At school Nigel and Louise saw Malfoy looking very angry and perplexed. So, they went over and asked innocently what the matter was. He just glowered at them and they looked so smug you could have guessed it was them. Just as soon as Nigel was about to get punched by Malfoy, the bell rang for registration.  During assembly, there was some excellent news that Malfoy was being suspended! Nigel and Louise were so happy that they almost cried for joy.

At the end of the day Malfoy told them – “see y’all around bros!” Then that was the last they saw of Malfoy.

In the morning they were called to Dumbledore’s office. They received a prize for the other night’s adventure. It was the golden pot noodles! Gladly, they took the reward. After that no one had enough courage to steal the wonderful pot noodles. So, Louise and Nigel lived happily ever after. They each had it for a week then swapped again and so on and so on. They also had become good friends with Dumbledore, Bobo and Hedwig


by Ceryse


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